19 favourite photo moments from 2019

January 1, 2020

I’m starting the year off by sharing the things I’m proud of.

Flicking back through all of the super special wedding photographs and inspirational small businesses I’ve filmed/photographed this year, I’ve realised there were quite a few gems in there that I’m pretty proud of. So I thought I’d share my faves with you.

First off, my all-time fave moment of this year HAS to be sticking it to the man and jacking my old “day job” and career of 20 years. Such a good feeling to be fully dedicated to my photography business and being my own boss is all kinds of awesome!

But apart from that little bombshell, here goes…

my 19 favourite moments from 2019…

  1. The time my awesome festival couple and their tribe ‘struck a pose’ with their smoke bombs 

2. The time the singing waiters at Ashton Lodge Country house, made wedding guests do lap dances to other people’s partners (don’t think I’ve ever cringed and laughed so hard at the same time)

3. The time this awesome little dude framed his face with a bubble for me at a festival wedding at Hadsham Farm  

toddler blowing bubbles showing his face behind a large bubble at Hadsham Farm wedding

4. The time I got to photograph a really special friend’s wedding and share my workday with my absolute besties 

5. The time the boys at Hadsham Farm Festival Weddings thought it was a good idea to get full glitter beards, noses and heads

6. The time my bride with a broken leg managed to shimmy herself into a Kayak at the Saxon Mill, in her dress, so that we could create a photograph that was really special to them 

7. The most extreme tussle for a wedding bouquet ever witnessed at Worton Hall in the Cotswolds

2 female wedding guests jump uo to catch the wedding bouquet at Worton Hall wedding venue

8. The time Sam from the Drawing Board and mobile bar, popped the biggest bottle of champagne I’ve ever seen in my life. And then a little guy got dunked in the ice bath it cooled in

bar man dressed in black pops the cork from a double magnum of champagne at a festival wedding in Stourbridge

9. When I got to shoot these super-hot bloggers in Manchester 

10. The time the wedding car chauffeur carried my bride’s train over the field to get to the most beautiful wee church I’ve ever seen and avoid the cow pats!!

wedding car chauffeur carries brides train as she walks to the tiny country church to get married prior to their reception at Park Farm Weddings

11. The time the sky looked like this at a festival wedding on the top of a Stourbridge hill 

Wedding tipi glowing in the dusk sky as the amazing sunset shows off bright blue clouds in the background
bride and groom stand kissing in front of thier wedding tipi lit up in the night sky

12. The time I was asked to shoot Ticketmaster’s annual summit in uber-trendy Shoreditch

corporate event photography showing a blue sign at the entrance of ticketmaster's annual summit

13. The time a whole female rugby team got fully naked to pose for me. And we raised over £2000 for Mental health charities

14. The wild Ibiza style wedding party at Swallows Nest Wedding Barn topped off with awesome Sax player 

wedding photo of the bride and groom wave LED balloons at their wedding party at swallows nest wedding barn

15. The time I asked a random wedding guest to jump into my shot so I could test my flash (for the bride and groom) and it ended up with this

worton hall wedding man standing outside drinking a beer that is lit up by flash

16. The time I met these super inspirational ladies whilst filming the Shoot, Edit, Chat, Repeat podcast’s first birthday

17. The African dancers at Worton Hall wedding venue

18. The time Big ben photobombed my promo shot for a London Electricians firm 

19. The time a client told me she wanted to dress up as a detective to bring some fun and life to her brand

Are you planning an awesome, fun and personal wedding next year? I’d love to be your wedding photographer. Or perhaps you are a business and need personal brand photos, small business videography or event photography.

Either way I’d love to work with you. Please do get in touch – I’d love to hear how I can help. .

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