meet ME

meet ME

lead photographer/FILM Maker

Heya, I'm Charlie... the face behind this jazzy website and all of the photos you see on it.  I love to create beautiful things and tell interesting stories.   

I used to be stifled in a yawnsome corporate life doing marketing and sales for people in suits.  I did it for 20 years but have managed to break free in favour of an artsy creative life, helping people tell their most amazing stories.

I give people like you memories of significant moments or achievements,  all parcelled up and safe for you to look back on forever. 


lifestyle blogger

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meet rachel


You'll want to work with me if ...

You don't want to work with a stuffy old bore that takes themselves too seriously in the name of looking "professional" (YAWN), but you do want someone who takes their work and business seriously. 
You need a skilled and trustworthy craftsperson super dedicated to getting it right and giving you the best possible results.
You love being around people that are unapologetically themselves and encourage you to be the same.
You don't want to worry about having your photo taken by a bossy time thief, you want to look natural and concentrate on having a great time.
You like laughing, a sprinkling of silliness & don't take life too seriously.
You want to choose someone who feels like a sociable friend that is happy to mingle with all your other mates.  But just happens to have a fancy camera and takes cool pics of literally everything too. 
You're looking for someone who is fun and lively that is passionate about your story, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and adds to your vibe in an excellent, authentic and very smiley way. 


I am originally from Warwickshire and still spend alot of time there working and seeing my faves.  But my family and I have decided its time for an adventure, so we're in the process of relocating to Devon.  I'm completely outnumbered in a house full of 4 boys;  2 sons (9yrs and 24yrs), one doggo (my favourite of them all - don't tell the others) and my lovely man.  When we're not snuggled in front of the fire we can be found mainly on long windy beach walks, paddle boarding, telling awful jokes, being too loud or doing something silly (almost always outside)!

With all the testosterone in my house I do artsy stuff to keep me sane, as well as drinking a shit tonne of coffee! I repaint old furniture to convert it into something more snazzy. I make cool things like Macrame plant hangers.  And I photograph stuff ALOT.  I love art and creating special things. I also love nothing more than gliding down a beautiful quiet river on my paddleboard.  

Sometimes I pine for my townie/before-kids life, so can occasionally be found drinking cocktails and dancing until the lights come on (my fave). 

I'm super passionate about the environment and being kinder to our beautiful planet. Love yoga and meditation and I weave fun, smiles and a healthy bit of crazy into everything I do. 

Oh and music and travels... ALWAYS music and travels!  Floating around festivals, exploring the world and generally being a bit of a hippy are dreamtown for me. 

Get in touch to find out if I am free on your wedding date.  Or to chat more about anything else I may be able to help you with.  

I LOVE hearing from people and chatting so don't be shy!  Either fill out my form or use the deets below to get hold of me. 

GET IN Touch 

GET IN Touch 

You've got me doing a happy dance!

Yay you got in touch!  As an independent business it means a lot to hear from folk like you, so I'm doing a happy dance right now.  Here it is in all it's glory

I can't wait to ready your enquiry and chat more.  But in the mean time have you checked out any of my blog?  Here are some posts I think you might like: 



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