For me to catch all of your amazing, fun and emotional moments we’ll need to get pretty up close and personal. For this to work well you’re gonna have to like and trust me enough to treat me like one of your besties for the day. So this is the bit where I have to tell you about me (cringe!).

about me


If we're going to work together it’s really important that we get along...

I’m generally quite bright & bubbly and with that comes a good splash of cheeky mischief, it’s my fave!

But don't worry it doesn't often get me into trouble, a sprinkle of charm usually keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Scroll down to read more about what life looks like for me... 

about me


and they’re all as long haired, tattoo’d and troublesome as each other! Actually tell a lie, Noah-the-5-year-old-boy and Toby-the-Labradoodle-puppy don’t have tattoos but they make up for it in ultimate energy and mischief skills.  They are normally found dragging me out some sort of Bear Grylls-style adventure.

as bumpkin

Townie, is my former self before children & finding the countryside!  She loves food and eating in funky, unheard-of restaurants that make stunning food.  Enjoys the odd cocktail (or five!), and most of all LOVES to dance until the lights come on. She also may have a wee obsession with clothes, shoes and all things fashion.

I dance until the lights come on

as townie

Life for me tends to be the perfect contrast of “Country bumpkin” and “Townie”.  I live On a farm in a cottage that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere,  but luckily it’s close enough to civilisation to keep my townie sane.

I'm mum in a house full of 4 boys

Both of the above nicely satisfy the crazy in me, but all of the mucky boys stuff also needs counterbalancing with a feminine touch.  So basically I like to splurge on all things creative and arty when I can.  

On top of taking photos of literally everything               , making new funky furniture from scratch and giving vintage furniture a new lease of life literally makes my heart sing; I’m an Annie Sloane-aholic!  My house is full of quirky pieces I’ve made or tarted up over the years. My aztec footstool is the current fave, what d'you think? ...


My not-quite-husband has a repertoire of ridiculously shit jokes that you just can’t help laugh at! I'll see if I can remember some for when we meet.

are my faves!

mischief, silly behaviour and puns

yes thats right, topped off with a light so you can see right down it at night.  and I might have been known to tell my son that’s where naughty children get put (oops bad mother!).

in the middle of my kitchen


 … But only pointed at clay pigeons, not real things! I’m told I’m a pretty good shot... “for a girl!”



I love to learn about how the world works and what makes people tick. People fascinate me (nosey parker!).

i'm a total geek!


other Faves:

Rocking out to:
Mumford and Sons (seen them 3 times) | Kassabian 
Foo Fighters
Chilling out to:
Eat, Pray, Love | Notting Hill | Pulp Fiction
Whilst scoffing: Chocolate!
and Giggling & being silly