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How to win at finding your perfect wedding photographer

July 6, 2017

Bride and bridesmaids jump for joy whilst getting ready for their wedding at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Your wedding day is a big deal right?

No matter where it is, or how many (or few) people will be there, it’s going to be full of love, emotion, fun and maybe a little mischief along the way… the one thing for sure is that on some level it will be a massive deal!

So you’ve started to look for a wedding photographer and by now you are probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of us that are out there.

How on earth are you supposed to choose?!

Let’s face it there’s a whole bunch of us that can take some really lovely, beautiful and fun photos. Judging us just on that won’t really help you whittle the list down.

So, is price the thing to go by?

Or does that old adage “you get what you pay for” apply?. Given that we’ve already established that this day is in some way a massive deal, and you will be spending pretty much all of this day with your photographer, a price only based decision seems a little risky.  What if the person who arrives is a real pain and makes you feel annoyed/uncomfortable/weird or <feel free to insert any of the others things that you really don’t want to feel on your wedding day>.

So here’s the oh-so-simple, not-so-secret to win at choosing your perfect wedding photographer

Get to know us before you decide

Of course to start with you need to like a photographer’s work; you need to look at their images and think yeah I’m drawn to them, I could see myself pictures like that.  But as we’ve already established, you can probably feel that way about quite a few people as there is a whole bunch of totally awesome “togs” out there.

Next, yes of course you need to have a budget in mind and the people you are looking at need to be somewhere within reach of this target.  But again, we know that still leaves you with a good double handful of photographers that you could choose.

So here’s the trick … it’s really very simple

Get to know us before you decide

Because they will be such an involved part of your day, and you want to feel relaxed and happy around them, you need to really like the person you choose. Whilst you might view us as just another wedding supplier that you will probably never see again, your photographer is about the only person who you will spend almost the whole of your day with (and when she’s not with you she’ll be with your guests).

When you look back at a photo, you instantly get transported back to that moment and how it made you feel right?

Who wants to look back at pictures and think “lovely photo but I was so bored/annoyed/uncomfortable with that bloody photographer”!!

As a Bride you generally choose to only have a few special people with you in the morning whilst you get ready, sharing the nerves and excitement of the last few hours.  Your photographer will be there – up close and personal.

Bride having makeup applied in her suite at the Randolf Hotel, Oxford when getting ready for her wedding at the Ashmolean Museum

You’d love gorgeous relaxed shots of your guests having fun, laughing, chatting and being silly.  To get this your photographer will be there – up close and personal.

If you end up with a photographer that is bossy, annoying, shouty, weird or scary (come on I know you’ve all seen the ones I mean!) you and your guess will clam up, they will turn their backs and those gorgeous, natural shots won’t happen.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the photographer basically seemed to take over the whole day and made guests stand around for hours, stopping them from getting to the one thing that they really wanted (the Champagne)?!  If yes, I’d be willing to bet that you made a secret pact with yourself that day; never to hire that kind of photographer for your wedding.

Well without getting to know who you are booking; aka the actual person that behind the images and prices that grabbed your attention, how will you ever know if you’re headed for an experience of dreams or nightmares?

After all, remember that instant feeling you’ll get in years to come when you dust off the old wedding album.

LOL, have I made my point? … Get to know us people.

Most photographers are really very friendly folk.  Most will want to chat to you on the phone or even have a skype call to discuss your wedding.  I’d really strongly advise you do this.  I think many couples shy away from doing it because they feel they’re going to get the “big-sell”.  Well I’ll let you into another wee secret about us folk.  We’re not great sales people.  We are arty and creative and being pushy is the worst nightmare for most of us.  If someone asked to chat please do bite their hand off!  Use it as your chance to work out if you like them & see if you warm to them.  Grab the chance to find out what makes them tick and see if any of it is the same as you.

There is definitely a perfect match for you out there.

Find them and you will reap the rewards; a good egg that you genuinely love to be around will make your day more fun and add to its awesomeness.

Indian lady in sari dances energetically at a wedding party at the Belfry golf course

Fancy getting to know me to see if we’re the perfect fit?… Read about how silly I am here.








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