You can read all you want about a photographers services, prices and look at oodles of their images. But if you don't know how they tend to operate you could be in for a shock on the day you come to work with them.  No surprises here! Below is info on what to expect from me from start to finish. 


how I tend to

... to all of the most beautiful, memorable and fun bits of your day, whilst making you feel like I didn’t intrude in any way.  I have a great art for dissappearing into the background at exactly the right moment, but being right there in the middle of the action when there is something sweet, funny or incriminating that you might want to catch for your memory banks (and embarrass your guests with afterwards!).

blending in

... that are anything but quiet, stuffy or traditional. In fact the roudier the better!  My perfect couples are the really fun ones that keep me on my toes with all kinds of cool ideas to make their day and photos as memorable as possible. Most of all I love to be a part of the mischief that generally unfolds at these types of gigs.

I love to work on unique weddings

my kinda weddings

here's a bit of info about my style and how I tend to work
so that you know what to expect from me. 

I aim to have my nose right in

I can’t help but get drawn into the gorgeous emotion, romance and love in the air. My energy, friendly character, chatty personality and helpfulness help me blend into the day as if an extended guest. Being silly, cheeky and relaxed are my best tactics for getting pictures that are full of the reality of how awesome your day was.

You should also know that I am a massive sopster of a romantic
Yeah, I’ll be the one shedding tears behind my camera at speech time!

... if we aren't a good fit for each other, I won't make you feel comfortable and this will show through in your pictures. On the flip side, if we're relaxed and having fun thats how you'll look in your photos. AND you'll look back at the and remember what a cool time you had taking them as well. WIN WIN! I love to meet everyone I'm planning to work with face to face, but if this isn't possible then a skype or facetime is almost as good. 

getting to know eachother

... whilst I'd still love to get to know you, there's not too much point in us both heading down the garden path, if it only leads to me telling you I can't help on the dates you need. Or can't meet a specific requirement you have.  First off, I'll ask you to fill out a quick form to tell me all of the key info.  Once I've had a quick read we can move onto the next steps.

Can I physically meet your needs?

the key details


its really important we get along

Once I have a good feel for what you need and I know we're a great fit, I'll be able to give you firm pricing and details on exactly what that includes.  Then its pretty much over to you for a decision on whether you're in or not!

Next the all important price conversation

... so now you've decided you want to book, I'll ask for a deposit to secure the date.  At this point I'll also send you my Booking Conditions so that you can see in detail exactly what you can expect from me and where each of our responsibilities lie from here on in. Once I have your deposit a full booking confirmation will wing its way to you (all on email - no snail trails here!). 

the boring formal bit

getting you booked

... usually around 4 weeks prior to our shoot date, I like to get together with my clients to talk the shoot day over in full detail.  If its a wedding we'll go over all of your timings and general plans so that I'm upto speed with the bits I need to catch.  If its a business shoot we'll go over the details of your brief.  Whatever the shoot is this is when we get to finalise a killer plan to absolutely rock it!!

drinks and chats about all of the fun bits

Pre shoot meet up

here is how we will get from your enquiry through to shoot day