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Jan 30, 2017

Learning from other another wedding photographer (or 3) rocks!

As a wedding photographer I’m a really strong believer that you can never stop learning. Technology, technique and styles change all the time, so I got my butt down to London’s Tooting Tram & Social Club to spend a day with a gang of epic wedding photographers. I was a total sponge; soaking up  everything they had to say about how they achieve their style and how they use both natural and flash light for absolutely awesome results.

I made lots of new friends and had the unexpected added pleasure of catching some old buddies there too (including my French-pool-jumping-husband!

The 3 photographers running the workshop; Jamie Sia, Shelley Richmond, Jenny McCord, started by introducing us to their work and talking through why they do what they do. Jamie specializes in funky flash techniques and introduced me to my new favourite thing; making starlights over a dancefloor. Shelley on the other hand prefers not to use flash, instead concentrating on creating beautiful shots with natural light. She taught me that even the ugliest artificial light down a grubby toilet corridor, that I would never have chosen to shoot in, can make THE most epic pictures (some examples below). Jenny is a music photographer. All that needs to be said about this is I’m SO jel! She basically spends her days on tour with super cool bands, travelling all over the world shooting them doing gigs and everything in between.

After they talked we got down to business and split into groups to shoot with each of them.  Needless to say, I loved every minute of this day! Not least because of the cool kooky venue and all the gorgeous peeps there.

Watch this space to see some of my new found skills put into practice!

But for now here is some of my fave shots that I took on the day:

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