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May 4, 2019

Lord Leycester Hospital relaxed & rustic spring wedding

A relaxed, family orientated, DIY wedding at the beautiful medieval Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.

It was the first time I had photographed a wedding at the Lord Leycester. Having grown up in Warwickshire I’d seen the outside of this beautiful building but I’d never been inside. I had no idea how beautiful it was both in and out. The Garden especially was CHOCK FULL OF BEAUTIFUL NOOKS TO PHOTOGRAPH AND THIS LOVELY INTIMATE WEDDING WAS SO Relaxed AND PERSONAL. I floated around this super chilled and happy day. It was such a pleasure to be Claire and Graeme’s wedding photographer.

The Lord Leycester Hospital is a medieval building in the centre of Warwick dating back to 1126. Built as a hospital for injured servicemen. It still has most of its original features including a huge door and stone carved gateway, medieval courtyard and beautiful wooden great hall.

Graeme & Claire chose to get married here for its intimate wedding space, relaxed DIY approach and quirky but very beautiful layout. 

This was such a lovely family oriented day, with the adorable Fin (Claire and Graeme’s wee boy) taking centre stage especially when it came to their wedding vows.

for those of you who like to watch, HERE IS A SLIDESHOW OF MY FAVOURITE PICTURES FROM THE DAY:


Claire: “Thank you for being the most amazing photographer and fitting in with the crowd! So many people commented on how lovely you were and how you managed to just blend in, whilst getting some beautiful shots of not only us, but also our lovely guests.”

Graeme: “Charlie…. the pictures are perfect. We had a truly magical day & it’s looks like you have captured it for us. Thank you.”

more detail about the day

The Ceremony

They got married in the Leycester’s Great Hall which Claire and Graeme had beautifully decorated with fairy lights and flowers hanging from the medieval chandeliers.

Warwickshire’s registrars undertook the ceremony and Claire & Graeme’s wee son Fin took centre stage checking out the wedding rings and snuggling between Mum & Dad whilst they shared their most precious of words. Super cute!

The reception

It didn’t take long after the ceremony before champagne corks started popping. Everyone braved the April chill and spent some time drinking fizz in the old courtyard (complete with porcupine statues mounted on the walls). The wind tried to get the better of our plans for a confetti shot but didn’t quite beat us.

Later, everyone headed back into the great hall to warm up and get stuck into their banquet. The mainly vegetarian buffet-style spread was laid on by Yes Chef Catering and wow that food was good. The best scotch eggs I have ever eaten… still warm…I’m still dreaming about them!

Speeches were dotted throughout the meal. Graeme’s was particularly touching … (I wasn’t crying honestly!). And after a quick DIY turnaround of the hall, it was party time.

Claire’s friend is conveniently in a fantastic band. They rocked the party and made sure that everyone got on the dance floor.


As ever, weddings don’t just happen.  They are always pulled together by truly awesome teams of suppliers who work tirelessly to make sure that everyone has a fantastic day.  This particular team was made up of the following:

and finally, the all-important wedding photographs

For those of you who prefer to scroll, here are a few of my favourite Lord Leycester Hospital wedding photos from Claire and Graeme’s day.  Hope you love them as much as I do:

so, how did i do as Graeme & Claire’s Lord Leycester Hospital wedding photographer?

If you are looking at these Lord Leycester hospital Wedding Photos because you are planning your own wedding, please do get in touch to discuss your wedding photography requirements.  I’d love to be a part of your day too and catch all the love!


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