I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and girl-bosses who want to stand out from the crowd. I give them images that are different from the usual stiff "corporate headshot".

I love to make these images personal to your story, supporting the message you are putting out there and making you and your products feel amazing and shiney ready for you bare your soul in style. 


helping to 

Ok, so lets get down to real talk here. You have got a fab product, service or perhaps even just an idea at this stage. You know it will work, but you also know there's a heap of competitors out there. You need to find your tribe that get YOU and you need to be on the tip of their tongue when it comes to what you're selling. 

Its no secret that people buy from people right?  Well even if you don't think that really applies to your market, that your great products will sell themselves, I can tell you you're wrong - it totally does apply to you.  In fact the product based business that I love and admire all give me a window into to whats going on behind the scenes and the person behind the products.  What ever your market, as a small business or even a solo-preneur YOU are the best and most unique selling point.  

To stand out in today's method of marketing - lets face it we're talking websites and social media here - the only way to truly connect with people is to let them into your "story" and personality.  Make them love you and buy into what you're doing first off, and then when the time comes, them investing in your products or services will be a no brainer.

its all About you

So, we've established that you need to sell you and your story. This means that you need to convey all of your amazing personality/life experiences/ups/downs /everything in between in all of your marketing. Sometimes you'll want to do this subtly and sometimes it will need shouting it a little louder than you feel comfortable with.

Either way, you know you need to embrace the opportunities that social media presents, to really speak to your ideal clients and build a dedicated tribe of your own.  And the only way to do this is by putting yourself out there. 

the scary bit

"Cutting to the chase, you're going to need to bare your soul. And this scares the pants off most of us!"

I love to work with awesome girl bosses and help springboard their business to the next level.  I'll use my super duper photography/design skills to provide you with photos and video which support you in developing your brand and promoting it.  

I can also work with you to review where you've got so far and help you plan for whats next.  Everyone starting out needs a trusted, critical friend that can deliver objective feedback on the squillions of ideas and challenges that come up.  This person can rarely be a close friend or family member because they will either tell you what you want to hear, or you will feel upset with them for criticising you if something cuts a bit close to the bone.  

Let me be your critical friend, providing an impartial, kind listening ear overlaid with my advice/experience to get that plan figured out.  My service is not the stuffy old corporate approach. And I’m not the super cheesy/pushy “coach” that is forever trying to sell their services.  

I will help you build a personal brand THAT HELPS YOU SHINE BRIGHT.  One that you are absolutely in love with.

How I can help

MY aim is to help other women learn and give them the knowledge & tools that I have learnt along the way, so that they are able to pick these up and run with confidence, without huge expense. 


Telling your story is a key part of engaging your audience, and having photos and video content that help you do this is so, so important. I will take photos and build funky little web ready video clips that go beyond your "headshot" and showoff you and everything to do with the story that makes up your business.  If you are thinking of blogging and posting regular social media content this could be the key to standing out from your competitors. 



Flexibility is the name of the game!

the services i offer

This is not your average, usual boring "corporate headshot". I’d love to make these images personal to your story and make you really shine and feel amazing about putting yourself out there.  We can do this somewhere relevant to your business, or somewhere super cool or beautiful.  I will chat to you lots ahead of time to understand your business and how you want to represent yourself, and then work up a tailored shoot to enable us to capture this. 

Whatever they are, your products need to look tantalising to your audience. I've got this covered.  I can bring mobile studio with me, or take your products to a "styled" location.  We'll chat lots up front so I have a good understanding of what we need to achieve.  Then going for it on the day will be easy and fun. 



I don't do "packages" like lots of the other photographers do. This is because I love to work on on projects that are anything but “off the shelf”.


I like my pricing to reflect the gorgeous individuality of each project, so I tailor pricing based on the time, energy and resources required for each.




This approach allows us to chat together, understand your needs and come up with a killer plan that is the perfect fit for us all.  I want us to be lobsters!!


I hear you shout!

"so how much do you charge?"

To give you a yardstick most of my work with business owners come in at around £3-500 a time. But could be less, or quite alot more if you want to go the whole hog.  Know that this is just a guide, remember I'd love to talk to you and come up with a perfect fit for us all.  

Don’t worry, my work doesn’t fall into the “if there’s no price tag you can’t afford it” category.