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Dec 27, 2016

Wedding Photography bucketlist

So as 2016 comes to an end, instead of doing the cliche share of “all the amazing things” I’ve done this year (you all know who you are and how awesome you were already!!).  I’ve decided to focus on my wedding photography dreams and get all of the shoots that I would love to do in the coming years out there into the universe.  If I’ve documented them they have to be real right?!

In case you didn’t already note, I love all things unique, fun and off the beaten track. I became a photographer because I love to see and catch how other people live life, have fun and try cool quirky things; especially when it involves their wedding day.  Chasing something new and interesting all the time is a brucey-bonus of my gorgeous job.

So here it is in all its glory, my wedding photography bucketlist.

These are the things that I would love to experience and shoot.  If your wedding includes anything on this list, please shout me, I will offer you an exclusive discount just for the pleasure of ticking them off my list!

  • Beach wedding at Lusty Glaze Beach in Cornwall (half of my heart lives at this place)
  • A heavily tattooed bride rocking her wedding day in her own fantastic way
  • Pet in attendance; extra points for a horse, pig or tortoise
  • Back garden wedding >>> DID IT 2015. Complete with the local W.I. doing the catering – those ladies are all kinds of awesome! (see pics below)
  • An elopement – just the pair of you wallowing in all your private love
  • Ibiza wedding (the other half of my heart lives here!)
  • Hobbit/Lord of the Rings themed wedding (my other half has Gandalf tattooed on his forearm.. my house is full of maps of Middle Earth – this is meant to be)
  • Forest wedding – preferably with bare feets – the less shoes the better
  • Wedding that I can wear my wellies to  >>> SORTED 2014 – Soaking wet feet at Wroxall Abbey(see pics below)
  • Museum wedding >>> Booked for March 2017 – SO excited!
  • Treehouse wedding
  • Mad Hatters tea party | Oh Amy and Rob you rocked this at Wethele Manor Farm (2013)!
  • Mish-mash of mixed up vintage chairs and furniture
  • Choccywoccydoodah cake
  • Hippy festival wedding
  • Beautiful Cotswolds barn wedding>>> DONEDIDLLY – Oxleaz Barn you were truly beautiful! 2015 (see pics below)
  • Wedding in an awesome unlicenced place (because Bride and Groom did the legal bit on another day so that they could have their ceremony wherever the hell they wanted)
  • Village hall transformed into amazing reception venue >>> DONE – twice! 2012 & 2015 (see pics below)
  • Beach wedding on Lusty Glaze Beach in Cornwall.  Oops did I say this already? Just shows just how much I’d LOVE to shoot a wedding at this gorgeous beach venue

Matt & Rachel’s back-garden wedding catered by the local Women’s Institute.

Wroxall Abbey wedding - wellies required!

Craig & Lizzy’s Wroxall Abbey wedding – wellies required!

Rob & Amy's "Mad Hatter's tea party" at Wethele Manor Farm.

Rob & Amy’s “Mad Hatter’s tea party” at Wethele Manor Farm.

Wes & Bec's stunning Cotswolds barn wedding

Wes & Bec’s stunning Cotswolds barn wedding

Aston Cantlow awesome village hall transformation

Simon & Mel’s awesome Aston Cantlow village hall transformation




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