If you're here, it's probably because I was with you on your gorgeous wedding day. YAY - thank you for having me!  I genuinely loved working with each and every one of you. 

There has been quite a lot of you this year, and all in quite quick succession. So the magic unicorns are working HARD in the background to sprinkle our fairy dust on all of your pictures.  But this is taking a wee while. 

To keep the guess work out of this, and so that you know roughly when it's your turn at the top of my pile, I've complied this timeline.  You'll be able to hop on here whenever you like and see exactly where you are in the queue: 

2024 Wedding photo editing update

In the editing hot seat this week 

>> Caz & Jamie's (photos Sneak Preview)

Awaiting full edit

>> Rosie & pete (photos full gallery)

>> Caz & Jamie (photos FULL GALLERY)


>> Rosie & pete (HIGHLIGHTS FILM)

Wedding Photographed; awaiting Sneak Previews

WEDDING Album photo selection needed (by you)

>> kimberley & ryan

Wedding album in design (with me)

WEDDING Album design awaiting approval (by you)