I've listed all of the questions I am frequently asked, and tried to answer them as fully as possible.  You'll find them split up between my various types of business below.

THEre's no such thing as a silly question

I've listed all of the questions I am frequently asked, and tried to answer them as fully as possible.  You'll find them split up between my various types of business below.

There's no such thinG AS A SILLY QUESTION 

Well there's a few things that could happen which I make sure I'm always on top of:  

1. Kit failure: I have 3 camera bodies with me at every wedding.  I shoot with 2 of them (which are on my person at all times), and my backup in the car.  I also have multiple lenses and lots of spare batteries and memory cards.  This makes sure that if any one things fails on the day, I can carry on capturing all of your memories without a hitch. 

2. Me getting ill/not being able to attend: I'm part of a couple of fantastic networks of talented photographers who all help each other out with emergency support on the rare occasion its required.  I have lots of local photographer friends, and (touch wood) I've never had to lean on them yet.  But if the worst should happen I'd do my level best to find a replacement that could cover for me so that you wouldn't be left in the lurch. 

3. Accidents/damage on the day:  I have full legal and public liability insurance should it ever be required.  It hasn't been needed yet, but I take my duty of care and responsibilities seriously when needed.  And not having the right insurance is not cool!

4. Image corruption/loss after the day:  This is one I pay massive attention to on every single shoot that I do.  My camera's have space for 2 memory cards in each body.  I always dual shoot onto both cards at the same time, so I have 2 copies of your images from the offset.  As soon as I get home from a wedding I backup all of your images onto a master hard drive, and then this is copied onto a cloud storage drive.  I then select the images I want to edit for your gallery and copy them to a third storage drive (from which I edit).  I also keep at least one set of your memory cards as a physical backup until I have delivered your final gallery to you and I know you're happy.  I can't guarantee that this is completely failsafe, but this is certainly as belt and braces as I can get it.  

5. How Do you make sure bad things don't happen?

So you'll get a sneak peek about 2 weeks after.  This will give you a small selection of my favourite photos.  This will usually be in the form of a blog post here on this site, but if I don't manage that I'll post a slideshow on facebook for you to easily share with everyone.  (you'll also get an emailed copy of this). 

I'll send over your full set of all photos 6-8 weeks after your wedding.  I edit your highlights film (if you've bought one) after I've delivered your photos.  So this will usually be with you 3-4 months after your wedding day. 

6. After our wedding, when will we GET our photos/film?  

I send all of your digital photos in a snazzy online gallery.  This will make it easy for your to view and share with your faves, and you'll be able to download the files from here (in both high resolution for print, and web-sized).

7. How do WE GET our photos? 

8. Will our photos be fully edited? 

Yes.  All images I deliver (either in your sneak peek or your final gallery) will be the finished article, fully edited and ready for print. 

9. ARE WE OK to print our photos? 

Of course!! I love to see my couples printing their photos. In fact I fully encourage it.  The high resolution files you download from my gallery are really high quality and can be blown up pretty big.  If you're going super big you might want to come back to me and I'll provide a specifically sized image for you to make it look even better. 

Do note though, there are some print labs that are better than others.  I can recomend the best ones that you're able to access.  Or, if you'd like professional grade printing that will keep its quality much longer, I'll happily help and order from my trade suppliers. 

11. Can I have a discount? 

Now this is the question that fully pulls at my heart strings.  Because the truth is, I'd love to give my work out for free to every one of you.  I guess that's what comes from making your passion your business.  However, it is that... my business.  And it's my sole income.  And I have a family and all the same bills to pay as you.  So look, I'm not saying never, but I really try not to discount and devalue my work.  For one, because its not fair on all my couples that pay the full price. Two, I have lots of business costs that might not be really obvious from the outside looking in (like insurance, kit, software subscriptions etc) and my prices are worked out to take all of these into account.  And finally, because I want to work with people that understand the value my photographs will provide... they are one of the only things you'll pay for which will last beyond your wedding day, in fact your memories will still be there to share with your grandchildren.

So hey, ask me, and explain why you need one. You never know there may be a good reason at that time for me to veer away from the above.  But just know it's not something I do as standard. 

How do WE book you? 

Yay, I love this question!  Well, first of all we need to check that I'm free on your wedding date (pretty important!).  Then it's really important we get along and I'm a good fit for your wedding, so I always suggest we have a face to face chat.  We can do this either in person, or on Zoom.
Then if you'd like to book, I ask for a £350 non refundable booking fee to hold the date for you. Once I have this and you've agreed to my T&C's your booking will be all firmed up.  And I'll be doing a massive happy dance!