Wedding photography &
Highlights FilmS pricing

You want to know quickly and clearly what it will cost to work with me.  I get it weddings are bloody expensive! 
I want to start as we mean to go on; being completely up front and clear about how all this works.

Nobody wants to get caught out with unexpected extras and awkward conversations at a later date. 

So I've come up with 3 simple price bundles. No catches; you get what it says on the tin and if you want to add extra stuff in afterwards that's cool.


Wedding photography & highlights film packages

- All digital photos
- A Beaut 20 page album 
- Wedding highlights film

My top package, including:

Well I'm your gal!  I'm happy to come along and just shoot video footage to make you an awesome film. 

Got your photos sorted but want a higHligts film? 

£ 1,350*

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wedding package

details »

details »

"ALL the bells & whistles"
wedding package


I'd love to hear about it and build a custom price for you based on exactly what you need. 

ARE YOU DOING something a bit DIFFERENT? 

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£ poa

- Just the wedding photos digitally (no film, no album)

BUDGET package, including:

most booked package, including:

- All digital photos
- A Beaut 20 page album 


2023 weddings 

* If you are getting married outside of Devon or Cornwall, I will add £100 travel surcharge to your booking fee to cover my costs getting to you. 

My photography / FILM style

My photographs and films style is bright, colourful and fun.  I create relaxed wedding photos and short highlights films in a natural, unforced way. 

I'll cover your day in a mostly documentary way.  This means very little interference from me to "set-up" shots.  We'll have fun and I’ll make you laugh naturally and actually feel all smoochy and loved up rather than making you pretend to look this way.  I’ll make friends with all your guests (they’ll probably think I’m another one of the guests). And I’ll sneak into all sorts of nooks and crannies to catch natural and beautiful moments as they unfold.  

You will NOT find me bossing everyone around and taking up hours of your precious time with that strike-a-pose fake stuff.  If you want group shots, I will have to be a teensy bit shouty to get everyone organised, but you'll appreciate this, and it will be the only time I'm shouty - I promise!

Note that you will find me getting a tad over-excited if there's a gorgeous sunset though ... you are likely to be dragged outside if this happens ... you've been warned. 

Before the day 

On the day 

what to expect from mE

after the day 

Once you're booked in (ie. booking fee paid and T&C's signed) we won't need to meet up until 4-6 weeks before your wedding day.  At which point we'll get together for a cuppa and some cake, or maybe even a cheeky cocktail. 

We'll run through all of your timings and fine details of the day and we'll come up with a killer photography plan.  You can ask me aaaaall the questions and we'll talk about special details or particular moments that you want to make sure are covered, so I know to look out for these.  You'll leave feeling super excited! 

I'll also check in with you the week of the wedding just to confirm everything's on track and nothing has massively changed. 

I'll arrive at our agreed time and location all sparkly and excited and ready to join in the fun. 

We'll go with the flow whilst I also try to keep us roughly to the plan we made.  For most of the day you'll have no idea what the time of day is or what you're supposed to be doing next, so I'll be like your handy friend who knows that the hell is going on. 

I'll have fun with you all.  You'll float through the best day of your lives.  And you'll be surprised how much you loved photo time (even though you thought it would be a drag!).   You'll also get to enjoy the full splendour of my dance moves when it comes to party time. 

The first thing I do when I get home is backup all of your images so they are safe and sound (I have a super safe backup system, you can read all about it in my FAQ's if you fancy). 

2 weeks(ish) after your wedding day you'll receive a sneak peek of my favourite images so that you have something to share with your friends and make thank you cards with. You'll also get a slideshow of these images to share on you socials. 

I try to write a blog post about most weddings (as long as I'm not too crazy busy), so you can also look out for this. 

Your full image gallery will be sent to you 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.  This is a beautiful, downloadable online gallery.  You'll be able to download all of your photos from here and save them somewhere safe.  If you've bought a highlights film, I will create this after I've delivered your photos. 

If you've bought an Album or print work we'll work on this after you've received your gallery.  Note that I like to design all albums after the peak wedding season has quietened down, so I usually get to these in September/October... just in time for Christmas gifts. 

And then you will live happily ever after with your gorgeous memories all parcelled up to look at for evermore and share with your grandchildren to come!

What past brides thought


"Thank you for doing such an amazing job of capturing our day for us! We couldn't be happier with how the photos have turned out. 

It also really helped that everyone loved you! You blended in with us all so well, haha it felt like you were apart of the bridal party!!"

Holly said...


"Charlie shot our wedding back in July 2019 and she was the perfect wedding photographer for us. Our brief was relaxed and fun and she absolutely nailed it. She captured parts of the day we didn't get to see so when we got our pictures back, we saw how much fun everyone else had on the day which was just wonderful. I will honestly cherish the pictures forever. She's also a really lovely person who will fit right into your wedding party - no awkward wedding pictures here! We can't recommend Charlie enough and if we could do it all again, we would."

Ruth said...


"From the moments we met with you we knew you were just perfect for the job. And we were so right!  You felt like you were one of our guests, floating around, having a giggle with everyone and getting involved.  Your passion for what you do truly shines through in the pictures of the day.  You are AMAZING!!"

Jenna said...

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Where am I based?

I photograph and film fun, relaxed, non-traditional weddings  in Devon (where I now live), Cornwall and throughout the UK (including quite a lot in Warwickshire - my original home).  Wherever you are getting married, if you're a fun couple planning a relaxed wedding I'd love to work with you!  Please get in touch.

I also travel all over the country to work with inspiring business folk for my sister company Firefly Productions