6 reasons to make your wedding speeches a part of your drinks reception

March 1, 2023

I’m here to share an incredible idea that I saw at some of my weddings last year and LOVED…

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding feel non-traditional whilst still giving a nod to the old ways? If you want to make your day feel super personal and memorable for you and all of your guests, this one’s for you.

(Drum roll….) Have your speeches first, stood up as part of your drinks reception. 

Yep, you read that right. Get them out of the way when everyone’s in that dizzy excited phase before you all sit down for your meal.  In fact, when you’re all standing together in perfect hugging and mischievous belly-laughing stance is the absolute best time. 

This unique approach to your wedding speeches gives a nod to the old traditions but is such a great way to add a different kind of energy and fresh spark to your wedding day vibe. 

In this post I’ve summed up the top 6 reasons why I’m suggesting speeches first for the win:

1. Harness the energy

Harness the excited energy of the drinks reception, maximise the feel-good vibes & set the tone for the rest of the day.

Lots of my couples tell me that as guests, the drinks reception is their favourite part of the day. It has an excited buzz to it as it’s the first time everyone’s getting to chat properly with a drink in their hands. They know there’s all the fun to come. Harnessing this high vibe is a great way to make sure your speeches are injected with as much fun and audience participation as possible.

And having everyone stood up together also makes for more energy than being seated separately at your tables where they’re less able to connect and interact with each other.

Doing it this way around is a great idea if you’re looking for a more interactive experience with your guests – who doesn’t want everyone stood up together cheering and laughing? Make it fun and cheeky rather than long and drawn out.

2. Let them off the hook

Let your speakers get it done early. Making your wedding speeches part of the drinks reception means that your speakers can get them done nice and early, and enjoy their meal without any stress or pressure. It also means they can have a good drink with everyone else – I see so many grooms and best men really limiting themselves and deep breathing in the corner until after their speech.

It means that when everyone sits down they can enjoy dinner and the rest of the day without any pressure or expectations. This gives people a chance to really relax and enjoy their meal without worrying about what might come next. And no awkward interruptions when they’ve just started flowing with their own conversations.

3. Hug it out!

At all of the weddings I witnessed this approach, I noticed the most beautiful things happen that just aren’t possible with people sitting at their table places. People held hands, put arms around each other and wiped tears at the sad and emotional bits, they hugged, they poked each other and hid behind each other at the mischievous bits, they celebrated together and literally lifted each others’ arms at the proud moments. They belly laughed together.

It was incredible to witness, and it made for feelings I’ve never seen at sit-down speeches. These people will remember these feelings. And of course they made for awesome photo moments too!

4. Stand-out moments

Make it more memorable; do things differently to create stand-out moments your guests won’t have had at other weddings. Doing something a bit different whilst being able to be physically close to each other (see number 3!) has undoubtedly created feelings and moments I’ve never seen at sit-down speeches. These lead to absolute stand-out memories for all involved – brides and grooms especially. It’s been incredible to witness these moments unfolding.

4. Save time

Save time later in the day (for partying!!). Getting all of your speeches done early on, will be quicker than spreading them through dinner or drawing out your sitting period and doing them after dinner. It will make your caterer’s life a lot easier and will mean people can spend less time sitting at tables keeping the energy of the day going and vibes high. Who wouldn’t want more time for mischief and partying later on?!

5. Icebreakers

This will create conversation starters. For guests who may be sat together and don’t know each other yet, having this gorgeous, different speeches moment before dinner will fill them up with loads to natter about when they get to the awkward bit (where they’re running out of things to talk about). They may have got to know people through the speeches themselves, but if not you’ll have given them shared moments and memories together that they’re unlikely to have had at other weddings. Which they won’t be able to help gush about.

So, have I convinced you, will you do your speeches first?

Making your wedding speeches part of your drinks reception is an interesting way to shake things up, harness the fun and excited energy of the early part of your day, and make it super memorable and personal. So why not give it a go and see how much fun everyone has?

I’d love to hear from you if you’re considering this.

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