How to choose your wedding photographer soulmate

January 6, 2022

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How do you find your perfect wedding photographer?

There are SO many wedding photographers (“togs”) out there, I always think it must be quite an overwhelming thing to whittle us down and make a final decision on who to book.

I hear so many married couples tell me they were unhappy with their pics or didn’t get on with their photographer and this breaks my actual heart!  There is 100% a perfect fit photographer out there for everyone and I’m passionate about helping people find that one (even if this means you don’t end up choosing me).  So here are my top tips for finding your soulmate.

What style do you like?

Most people don’t realise that all photographers have their own style of editing their images. But when you start to compare you will be able to spot it.  Some have a really dark moody undertone, some are a really rich warm almost sepia tone, some (like meee) are really bright and colourful keeping the colours true to what they were on the day.

Before you start whittling us down, have a good look around at the different image styles and work out what you’re drawn to.  Then you only need to speak to the photographers with that style.

What’s your budget?

There is a price bracket out there for everyone.  What’s yours? See below for my last point on budget – it’s such a crucial consideration

Do you like their vibe?

Once you’ve whittled your choice down to togs that match your style and budget the next most important thing is do you like them? Nobody wants a dick of a photographer at their wedding. We’ve all seen *that* bossy time thief photographer. There is just no need! 

If you find some work you like, do your research on the person behind the lens.  Read EVERYTHING they’ve written about themselves. Read the copy on their website, read their social media captions – the way they write about themselves and their work will tell you a lot about what kind of person they are.  You HAVE to like them. They are going to be with you in some of the most intimate and important moments. They need to make you feel calm, relaxed, and make you enjoy your day more.  Can you imagine them as one of your mates?  Will they get on with your mates? 

Once you’ve done your research, arrange to have a call with the ones you think you’ll get on with. And go with your gut – work with the one that you get on with the best.

Are they experienced?

Can you trust this person with one of your most precious days?   Look at their online reviews, check what real brides they’ve worked with before have said.

When you talk to them, ask them about their experience.  Ask them how they deal with boring things like backing up your photos to make sure they never lose them. Make sure they have a process & a robust system to protect your precious memories.

My final bit of advice?

Don’t let budget be your only deciding factor

Remember the photographs/film of your day will be one of the only things that last way beyond the day itself.  All the other things you are budgeting for will be gone after the day is over. Your photos/film should last a lifetime and beyond, your kids should be sitting showing their kids great granny as a bride.

A professional & experienced wedding photographer is worth their absolute weight in gold!  They know how to navigate all parts of a wedding, they can handle the most difficult lighting situations and any other curveballs they may be thrown on the day.  They know what moments to spot, they’ll make you look your best, they’ll make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. And they’ll give you the most beautiful heirloom of memories to be looked at for years and years to come.

Choose your photographer carefully & wisely and it will be worth every penny and every second of your research time.

If you’re reading this because you’re on the hunt for a fun, colourful wedding photographer in Devon, Cornwall, or Warwickshire I’d love to work with you!

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