As a fun wedding photographer with 5 years of experience under my belt, I have loads of weddings already in my very special bag. I know how to get the best out of my gorgeous fun couples and their crazy, excitable guests. Energy, laughter and a sprinkle of magic is how I roll.

This will result in  you owning a striking mix of quirky, relaxed, fun and romantic wedding photos that hold the power to transport you right back to that moment when ever you need a “wedding hit”.

with soul

fun wedding photography

... to all of the most beautiful, memorable and fun bits of your day, whilst making you feel like I didn’t intrude in any way.  I have a great art for dissappearing into the background at exactly the right moment, but being right there in the middle of the action when there is something sweet, funny or incriminating that you might want to catch for your memory banks (and embarrass your guests with afterwards!).

blending in

... that are anything but quiet, stuffy or traditional. In fact the roudier the better!  My perfect couples are the really fun ones that keep me on my toes with all kinds of cool ideas to make their day and photos as memorable as possible. Most of all I love to be a part of the mischief that generally unfolds at these types of gigs.

I love to work on unique weddings

my kinda weddings

here's a bit of info about my style and how I tend to work
so that you know what to expect from me. 

I aim to have my nose right in

I can’t help but get drawn into the gorgeous emotion, romance and love in the air. My energy, friendly character, chatty personality and helpfulness help me blend into the day as if an extended guest. Being silly, cheeky and relaxed are my best tactics for getting pictures that are full of the reality of how awesome your day was.

You should also know that I am a massive sopster of a romantic
Yeah, I’ll be the one shedding tears behind my camera at speech time!

"How much do you charge?"

I know this is an important one right?

That's why there's a whole other page all about it!  Click                to read aaaaaall about it. 


I like to meet my clients before, or shortly after booking if possible. I love getting inside your heads and learning about all of the gorgeous thoughts and plans for your day.  This way, I can make sure that we're on the same page from the get-go and then do the best possible job at matching your expectations.  We'll also meet approx. 4 weeks before your wedding day to go through the finer detail of timings, so that we can weave an awesome photography plan into this to ensure you get all the shots you want. In between all those things my mind will be squirrelling away with thoughts and ideas to make your photos extra special.


I'll arrive at the time we've agreed, and usually head to to wherever the bride is getting ready first.  I spend a little time catching whatever lovely things are happening there, before going and snapping some of what's going on with the rest of the venue setup (if its all in one place).  I may have a 2nd photographer working with me (if thats what you'd like) and they might be over with the groom shooting the boys mischief.  Once the wedding kicks off, clearly I'm working hard to catch all of the standard 'moments' you'd expect, such as "you may now kiss the bride".  but over and above that I'm catching all the gorgeous little details that you may not see, facial expressions of your guests, cuddles, tears and mischief!


Within a week or so I'll share a cool little video of "highlights", These will be my absolute faves from all of your images, and will give you and your family/friends enough of a hit to get you through whilst I spend time editing your whole set of images. 
I then send your full set over to you within 6-8 weeks.  These will come to you in the form of an email link to an online gallery.  You'll get a download pin, which will allow you to download a high resolution set of all of the images.  And you'll have free print rights on them so can print or share them on socials etc as you please.  I can also help you with printing and albums if that's something you'd like (at an extra cost agreed based on what you'd like). 


"What do i get for my money?"

In short, here is a list of everything you get: 

* pre booking (or shortly after) catch up so that we can get to know each other, including cake - most important! 
* pre wedding meeting to run through fine details and finalise a killer photography plan
* me and my smiley cheeky chops, by your side all through your wedding day (for as long as we've agreed) 
* a fun friendly approach that doesn't really annoy you or your guests
* a highlights video of my favourite images sent to you shortly after your wedding day 
* a full set of high resolution images delivered to you via a downloadable online gallery 
* help and advice re. printing your images
* album design & printing if you want it

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